Thank you for wanting to help save a life! Please fill out this application as completely as possible; this will help us determine if this is the right pet for your home.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check your E-mail address before submitting this form. We are receiving many addresses that are typed wrong.

Due to the large number of applications filled out by children or people who aren’t serious about getting a pet, valuable time is being taken away from the pets in our care.  To alleviate this problem, there will be a $10.00 application processing fee due to Pet Pals, Inc. 

If the pet you are applying for is no longer available due to a previous application in process, the pet won’t work in your home, the pet has developed health issues or other reasons beyond your control, your processing fee  of $10.00 will be refunded.

Please note that filling out this questionnaire is not a reservation or guarantee of a pet.

Our requested donation amount for a pet may be high depending on vet fees, age and breed. If you are applying for a specific breed of pet, call your local pet shop and see what they are selling them for. Our requested amount will be equivalent, but remember our pets will be healthy, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, wormed AND microchipped.

You may also return the pet within 30 days for a full refund which you cannot do at most pet shops or shelters. We do not encourage returns due to the stress on the pet. However, if the pet doesn’t work out in your home, it MUST be returned to us.

PLEASE think about this BEFORE filling out an application OR calling.

AGAIN—THINK about your lifetime commitment before you submit this application.  We do NOT adopt out 4-H projects. We have several here who were dumped when the “projects” were over.

What will you do with this pet when your child leaves for college?

YES, dogs will dig…..they’re dogs! YES, cats will meow….they’re cats! They WILL need a life time commitment from an adult. This includes expenses like vet care.

Many times pets become depressed when their family/environment changes. You will need to spend time reassuring your new family member and give them time to adjust. We have known some pets to take 2-3 weeks to adjust.


    If yes, please fill out the additional section.

Our mission is to achieve a humane existence for animals and reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals. We provide spay/neuter clinics, educational programs for the public and schools, nursing home pet therapy and work with other shelters and rescue organizations in the transport and saving of lives. When animals can’t be adopted due to medical or emotional reasons, we keep them with us and make sure that no one gives up on them again!