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So you want to breed your dog?

You say you have people wanting your dog's puppies. PLEASE educate yourself. It's a LOT more involved than sticking two dogs together.

First off, to properly breed your dog, tests need to be done. The proper tests can run at least $1,000 or higher. Are you willing to spend this?

Do you know your dog could die during the birthing process?

We have dealt with LOTS of you backyard breeders. Here is only one of your mistakes:

Nikki was bred so someone could make money. She had so many health problems she was homeless at only five years old. Nikki had everything from bad hips to bad tear ducts and was allergic to dog food.

We cried so many tears watching her struggle for almost 10 years you have NO idea. We gave her love and cursed the HELL out of YOU.
YOU had NO right to put her and us thru this HELL.

LOOK at this face and tell me this dog needs to die. This is EXACTLY what you are doing when you breed your dog.

There are NOT enough homes. I have seen PILES waist high of pets that didn't have homes.

When you breed your dog or cat you ARE giving a death sentence to the homeless ones.

Still want to breed your dog or cat? Visit a kill facility and hold sweet pets while they breath their last breath. For EVERY one YOU bring into this world, another must die.

PLEASE spay or neuter your pets.

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