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Pet Pals, Inc. has a yahoo group consisting of almost 100 animal lovers across the United States & Canada. We help in the placement and transport of pets in need. It is a closed group which means you have to be approved before being signed in by the moderator. If you would like to join our group, please right click to copy, then fill out and return the following application:

WYO Pet Pals Yahoo Application

Your membership can not be approved until we receive this. Receipt of your completed survey signifies that you have read and agree to abide by the rules and policies of Pet Pals Inc. which is no crossposting without permission, etc. Rules and policies are sent when you are signed in.

Last Name:

First Name:




Email address that you subscribed to WYO Pet Pals with:

Your Yahoo "Identify" (nickname)

Other email address:

Home Phone number:

Other Phone number:

What, if any, rescue group(s) do you belong to?

What city and state is this group based in?

Group's website url:

In what capacity are you involved in rescue. Check all that apply:

Transport volunteer: How long?

Transport Coordinator: How long?

For one group or many?

Long term foster: How long?

Emergency, short term foster: How long?

Adoption coordinator: How long?

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