Pet Pals, Inc. Too Late~Dead

Once AGAIN it was TOO Late....

Dogs DESERVE to be treated HUMANELY.

What is it going to take to STOP the ABUSE?

Which part of God's creatures don't you understand?

Some of us are getting VERY pissed to put it mildly. BLESS those that have to deal with this daily.

If people won't take dogs into their homes and off of chains, perhaps the following pictures will say it all.....but too late.

**WARNING** NOT for weak stomachs.

AGAIN it was TOO LATE- April 30, 2007

Humane Investigators and other volunteers responded to a call about suspected neglect at a home.

Upon arrival we found Tigger and her two pups (along with other animals) on the property.
It was noticed that Tigger's hind leg was swollen and dangling. The owner stated that Tigger had been SHOT approximately two months previous but that the bullet "fell out on it's own".

Tigger and her two puppies were signed over to us and taken immediately to the vet. X-rays confirmed our worst fears, Tigger's femur was shattered and her leg is not able to be saved.

This girl who is the epitome of a gentle giant. Tigger laid her head on my shoulder the entire way to the vet, gave "Dane" hugs and continually gave us kisses, perhaps her way of thanking us.

Tigger is in horrendous pain yet never once showed one ounce of aggression. Tigger is emaciated, has infections in both eyes and now must suffer the loss of a leg due to the neglect at the hands of her previous owner.

We will do everything in our power to make this very special girl healthy once more and donations would be appreciated to help her on her way. We will continue to give updates on Tigger and her puppies and let you know when they will be available for adoption.

If you are unable to donate for her care, please say a prayer for her, she will need all the help she can get. P.A.W.S. (Peoples Animal Welfare Society), P.O. Box 542, Tinley Park, IL 60477


Bruiser (I let the ER vet's name him) had an old fracture under that abscess. I brought him home with me and sat with him all night, what a sweet, sweet dog, his tail never stopped wagging. He ate really well thru the night but would not drink any water so I took him to my personal vet in the afternoon to push some fluids. I had noticed during the night that his lymph nodes were swollen, and the ER vet had mentioned to me he had a testicular tumor. We did a hw, ran some blood work at my vet and unbelievably so, his hw came back negative. We then decided to aspirate one of the lymph nodes and Todd had me look thru the microscope after they were stained. I knew right then that he had lymphoma. I decided to euthanize him, he was approximately ten years old and not strong enough to undergo this sort of treatment, he was wasting away. I can't tell you how very angry I am that poor this old dog wandered around, probably hoping for a meal somewhere, or a pat on the head. I know how cruel people are, he was attacked by other animals, he probably had things thrown at him, who knows what he endured, yet he licked my face all night long and wagged his tail the entire time, right up until we put him down.
I have not been able to stop crying over this one, I wish I could have let him know at least a few months of happiness, but it wasn't to be. I hope his one night of kindness here helped to make up for his probable endless years of neglect and cruelty, I know he certainly didn't hold any grudges against us as humans or even other animals, he loved my dog Augie. I'm not so sure I am cut out to do this anymore, this one literally broke my heart, I wanted so badly to save him. I had him blessed at church before the vet trip because I knew deep down he wasn't coming home with me. What a sad ending for such a loving dog. Say a prayer for him, with his gentle soul and huge heart I know he's up there waiting for all of us one day.

**A rescuer's heart broken again. Please REPORT abuse***


This dog did not die because she had a collar on. She died because of an irresponsible pet owner...... learn the difference, if you don't know.

The pictures and following e-mail was received from a fellow animal lover.

"Alrighty, here's the first case I went on today, this is a dog that was repeatedly allowed to have litter after litter, two of her pups were confiscated yesterday due to needing medical treatment, and we were going back to get the mother with the right paperwork today. Unfortunately we were too late, she was on a short chain and hung herself sometime this morning. Don't look at the pictures if you don't want to. Not so sure about this job, but I guess somebody has to do it. Oh, and one of the pups died at the vet, both pups had been attacked by "something".

BLESS those that deal with abuse. DAMN the people that don't help STOP it.

From rescuers:

"By God perhaps some of these judges need to come and see this first hand. Of course, they would say it was from the collar not the F___ owner."

"Oh my God ... that poor baby ...
I hate people. I absolutely hate people! :(("

"Ok, I know the people around my house think that I am local animal control but today I was extremely pissed off. I went outside to throw out some garbage and there was a crate STUFFED with kittens, nine total. Looks to be three different litters, the two gray tabbys are a bit older than the rest, approximately five weeks old. There are four white ones, maybe four weeks old, and three tiny little babies, eyes not opened. ALL kittens were covered in feces, urine and fleas. We just got back from the vet where everyone need sub q fluids due to dehydration, the little babies are extremely anemic due to the flea infestation. All nine did eat, the tiny babies actually ate four eyedropperfuls which is a good amount for them. These kittens had thier eyes crusted shut with fecal matter and it took hours to clean them all up. This is what pisses me off about people who don't spay or neuter, then expect another person to clean up the mess they COULD have prevented. Wish me luck with these tiny ones, that's about all they have to survive on."

AGAIN it was TOO LATE- September 10, 2003

The following dogs were live trapped and euthanized.

Here are pictures of the dogs we trapped today, I can't possibly imagine these poor things never knowing a pat on the head, not enough food, never a house to sleep in. It makes me sick to think we live in such a disposable society. The mange was so horrible that they had green fungus growing on them, they were bleeding, yet still wagging their tails. I think the job would have been so much easier today if these dogs had been aggressive. The first picture is a poor pup about 8 months old. These dogs live in complete filth, if you look behind the couch in the one picture you can see a mama pitbull, she didn't have not ONE hair on her, couldn't walk on her back right leg, yet she wagged her tail so hard it almost knocked her over.

Why can't people spay and neuter?

Abuse NEVER ends.

This is what happens when you put a dog in the backyard and by golly,
you just forget it's there, you forget to feed and water it.......

Another EYE opener by Pet Pals, Inc. Click our home biscuit and see lots of other sites on abuse. :-(

And We Wonder WHY...........