Never Judge a Book by It's Cover!

I Wonder.....

If something can appear different just by not showing the FULL picture.

Pet shops, kennels....News, rumors, cops, magazines, temperament tests........

Gretchen was going to be killed

Gretchen looks MEAN. She could have been killed just because of her looks. In fact, she WAS going to be killed. Gretchen was returned to her home. The problem of being left home while her owner was out of town was corrected by a volunteer coming to the house.

Dogs also change personalities when they are suddenly put in an unfamiliar place surrounded by lots of noise.

Think again before dropping off YOUR pet to a pound/shelter. It may not live to see tomorrow. Some rescues also kill. Work with people to overcome problems.

Scroll down to see how mean Gretchen really is.

Gretchen plays!

Gretchen was ONLY playing!

The picture was only cropped and rotated.

Gretchen could easily have been killed after being turned in.


Wicked appears mean.

The above is of Wicked. He was borderline adoptable because he would bite at his kennel when strangers came to look at him. Wicked was especially upset at men. The kennel card said he couldn't be placed with cats.

Wicked recently had a chance to catch a mouse while being cheered by his new guardians. You guessed it, Wicked wouldn't even hurt a MOUSE!

The following shows Wicked with two four pound yorkies and a well-trained dominant male dog. AND he loves cats!!
Wicca, Whikey also called Wicked is the most gentle being there could ever be. The man of the house says he is the most PERFECT dog ever born and shares his pillow with him at night!
Cats enjoy playing with his fluffy tail while he turns his head so as to not upset them!

Both large dogs are now very sweet!
Wicked LOVES cats/kittens.

Pictures and stories are coming in from people telling me about their guard dogs and sweet family pets that were thought to be unadoptable.
Some people are telling me what they had to go thru because a shelter wouldn't adopt a "guard" dog to them. Perhaps if the shelter asks more questions, more lives will be saved. There will always be the idiots that just want a nasty dog and don't know the difference. ASK~~Look Again!

The following picture is of a sweet
"pit" that dances!

A dancing pit bull!

Pictures STILL coming in from people and their "mean" dogs. The one below IS smiling! WAS going to be put down because she was mean. I am told she is now the SWEETEST thing in the world!

Reggie Smiling!
Joe with his baby!

Yea right, this mean dog is sleeping on her owner's lap! She was sceduled to be killed.

Never Judge a Book By It's Cover!

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Slipping along on a snow packed, slick highway to pick up a rescued dog, I couldn't believe what I saw. A man walking towards me in MY lane. Not a person nor vehicle in site. Heck, I hadn't seen anyone for five miles. I slowed to a stop. Was I scared....NO! My constant companion, rumbled a deep throaty growl. He was seat belted in the front seat. It was decided I would give the stranger a ride to his vehicle while he awaited a ride after using my cell phone. As he got in (a big young man who I had never seen before), he asked, "Is your dog friendly?" My quick response was, "NO." I gave him a ride and found out he was a "lab" man! Handed him a Pet Pals' newsletter and said, "Good-bye."
With ALL the abductions and murders taking place in this world, I want to THANK the Cheyenne Animal Center for adopting an Angel to me. His looks and actions would have meant a death sentence in many shelters. Wicket also called Wicca, Whikey and Wicked has turned out to be the most protective wonderful savior in the world. He even wants to "guard" our tiny dogs when they go out potty!
Just because a dog bites at the kennel wire, barks at strangers without backing down and has a protective "look," PLEASE don't cast them aside.
A yorkie warming hearts at pet therapy visits is sweet....... a guard dog, PRICELESS!
THANKS AGAIN Cheyenne Animal Center!