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We're sorry we were unable to take your call. Most likely we're caring for pets!
In order to answer your questions more efficiently, this page has been set up.

#1 Our Hours


We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week by appointment. Please schedule a visit ahead of time because we are often transporting pets to the vet, helping other pets get to their forever home or working at our spay/neuter clinic.
Don't want to miss you so please schedule your visit!

#2 Adopting a Pet


NO, you cannot use it for breeding. Our pets are spayed/neutered before placement. We have had almost 3,000 pets thru our doors. We are working 20 hours a day and are thousands of dollars in debt SAVING lives. Don't tell me how it's not my business if you want twelve dogs in your house. Do you really think we would adopt a pet to you for breeding? Over 8,000 nice pets are being killed in this area due to lack of homes. 3-4 million are being killed due to lack or homes in the US. If you are serious about adopting one of our homeless neutered pets, fill out an adoption application online at:
We also work with a number of other rescues and shelters and would be happy to help you. An application is still needed.
Click the picture on the right to see our pets needing homes.

#3 Relinquishing a Pet


If you think you have to shoot your dog, go ahead. We currently have waiting lists. The cute, now grown, puppy was YOUR lifetime commitment. Instead of shooting it, why don't you hold it while it's killed humanely by your vet? Please don't put the guilt trip on us. You should have not taken the pet into your home and if you have babies you should have had the Mother fixed. No, we don't need any more stray cats. We're FULL of cats! Please try another shelter.
Click the picture at the right to see abuse in our area. There are NOT enough good homes in this area.

Relinquishing for a GOOD reason. Found a pet.....the pet's care giver passed were able to talk an abusive owner into relinquishing it and now need help..... We will TRY to help.

#4 Euthanizing a Pet

Euthanizing a pet

What do we charge to euthanize cats? If you think your two young cats need to die because they are playing rough, we are a rescue...HELLO! This means we SAVE lives. We don't kill because of your ignorance.
It is no longer socially acceptable to make others kill your healthy animals, or to take your old and sick animals when you tire of them. If you want an 'enabler' look somewhere else.

#5 A Sick Pet

Links to other sites

If your pet is sick, call your vet. We only have a vet here during spay/neuter clinics. I would gladly help, but can only legally tell you to see a licensed vet.
Click the picture to the right to visit our Links page which has many good sites which might help you with pet related issues.

#6 Spay/Neuter Clinics


Click the picture on the right to see our spay/neuter site for further information as to why pets need to be spayed/neutered. Pets CAN and should be fixed at 8-10 WEEKS of age.
YES, we will have another clinic scheduled soon. E-mail OR call for the next scheduled clinic. We will happily return your call.

For those who qualify (low income) your pet may be fixed for $10.00 thru our P.A.L. (prevent a litter) program.

Here are our regular low fees:(These are TOTAL charges, no $30.00 office calls!)

Prices may vary slightly depending on the vet's fees.
Cat Neuter: $35
Cat Spay: $55
Dog Neuter: under 30# $70
31# - 59# $75
60# - 90# $80
Over 90# $85
Dog spay: under 20# $70
31# - 59# $75
60# - 90# $85 over 90# $95

We also offer low cost vaccinations, microchips and dentals:
Cat or Dog: Parvo/Distemper:
$20 unaltered pets

Cat or Dog Rabies:
$5 Pet Pal Members and supporters at our in house clinics!
$12 for our out of area guests
$20 unaltered pets

$25 (includes registration) Pet Pal Members and supporters!
Add $17 registration for non Pet Pal Members
$85 unaltered pets

Dentals: (Cannot be done at our spay/neuter clinics because of the time involved. We will try to make arrangements for dentals at another time.)

Pet Pals, Inc. is a licensed dealer for the following:
Furminator deShedding tool, (in stock)
Radio Fence electronic fence system
Gentle Leader head collars (in stock)
Leba II dental spray (in stock)
Glyconutritional Dietary Supplement (Mannatech_Ambrotose)

Spay/Neuter IS the answer to stop the killing.


Thank YOU for calling! Sorry to sound abrupt, but our tears often turn to anger when we hear people wanting to breed or people saying they are going to kill their pets. The sad stories and abuse of pets just never slows down. We are over worked and receive NO pay. There are many things YOU can do to help us. Write and find out!

If your question was not answered, please e-mail or call back and we will get back to you. Please be patient. Tons of calls and e-mails are coming in daily. ******CLICK HERE to email us.******* or call 307-532-3861 and leave a message.
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