Pet Pals, Inc.

Pet Profile

Any information you can provide will help us place your pet in a home OR help us to better care for your pet while being boarded here.

Please understand that we are the ONLY "True" Shelter (NO-Kill~Place of safety) in the area. We have a waiting list of pets people want us to take into our facility. Donations are required to care your pet until they are adopted.

Cut/Paste the following and return to:

Please be truthful.

Pet's name:____________Age:_____Sex:____
Breed:____________Size: S M L Color:_____
How long have you had this pet:____________
Why are you surrendering?_____________________
Where did you get the pet?
Shelter Breeder Pet Store
Friend Newspaper Other_______________
(mark with X) Yes No
spayed/neutered: ____ ____
house broken (dog): ____ ____
if yes, what sign does the dog give:______________
leashed trained: ____ ____
paper trained: ____ ____
crate trained: ____ ____
obedience trained: ____ ____
do any tricks: ____ ____
if yes, what?__________________________________
personality: ___ outgoing ____aggressive ____timid
Has the pet been kept Yes No
Inside: ____ ____
outside: ____ ____
on a chain: ____ ____
in a crate: ____ ____
fenced yard: height____ ____ ____
How does the pet react to: Bad Good No Reaction
other pets: ____ ____ ____
cats/dogs: ____ ____ ____
young children: ____ ____ ____
adults: ____ ____ ____
older children: ____ ____ ____
livestock: ____ ____ ____
when left alone indoors: ____ ____ ____
car rides: ____ ____ ____
Does the dog: Yes No Yes No
bark at strangers: ____ ____ chew: ____ ____
climb the fence: ____ ____ retrieve: ____ ____
chase cars: ____ ____ dig: ____ ____
bark excessively: ____ ____ scratch: ____ ____
like baths: ____ ____ bolts door: ____ ____
bites: ____ ____ know COME:____ ____
if yes it bites, explain:_______________________________
Any medical condition: Yes_____ No_____
deaf, epilepsy, diabetic other:_______________________
Heart worm disease: Yes____ No_____
Treated in past Yes____ No_____
On preventative medication Yes____No_____
Up to date on shots? Yes____No_____
If it is a puppy, has it had all the
puppy series including worming?Yes ____No ____
teeth: good___ bad___ eyes:clear____ cloudy_____
What veterinarian has the pet seen?_______________________
When? _____________Address/phone number:___________

Owner Name:___________________________
Telephone: Home:___________________________

If applicable: How soon does this pet need to find a new place to go?________