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After being asked if we have pets that can't be adopted, my quick answer was YES! If you love animals, you will come across lives that you just HAVE to save. You know they will never leave.

Below are ones we either can't adopt out because of temperament issues, health problems or it would be too upsetting for them to leave.

We ARE a shelter (place of safety).

There are many pets listed on our other sites which are for adoption. The following are pets not listed on those sites for one reason or another. Donations are especially needed for these lives.

We board pets for families who are overseas. Two recent pets were boarded at Pet Pals with NO payment or NO donation to cover our costs of boarding for food, shampoo or vaccinations. Their dog was NINETY-NINE... Yes, 99 dog years old!! Even Pet Pals board of director veterinarian didn't think it would be possible to keep their dog alive. The owners were ecstatic when they saw their pets again after THREE years. Their smiles are captured in pictures! ...... Oh, the power of proper care and love!
Some pets have problems or their owners need a helping hand. At any given time there are at least 60 pets here.

We are not cruel and do not let pets suffer when they are in pain. It's called euthanizing. A pet cemetery has shovels full of tears. We let our vet be the judge.

Larry and Shamoo (dogs), Sassy and Snowball (cats) were boarded for free for a gal who got into trouble. They were here for almost TWO years. No reason for pets to be killed or jailed because their owner is in trouble with the law.
Two of her pets did die shortly after coming here because of previous lack of care. :-( Pets don't do well in a hot trailer house with no food and no water. Drugs harm more than people.

Mentally Challenged, Monkey

Being mentally challenged, Monkey is a true sanctuary "kid." He was born under a car. Whether he drank motor oil or drank antifreeze is unknown. His sister died young. He will only eat canned cat food. He constantly licks whether it be the floor, the wall or the air. He will sit in one spot and stare for hours. He doesn't play like normal kitties. Monkey does love to chase a laser light. At almost one year old, Monkey is the size of a 12 week old kitten. Two veterinarians have found him to be physically healthy, but he IS mentally challenged. Because of the extended amount of care he requires and other weird characteristics too numerous to mention, he cannot be adopted.

Wyatt Earp, puppy mill.

Wyatt Earp was cared for after a puppy mill bust. Force feeding kept him alive. He is SO attached to his saviors, the vet said he would shut down and die if he was adopted out.
He's VERY much a Mommy's boy!


2-K was ready for her new home until she bit them! Because of her temperament, she stays. UNLESS, we find a perfect home for her. 2-K has now been socialized and is housebroken.


Moshee (Pronounced Moo-She) came in with puppies who were all adopted. After no human contact, Moshee had to be live trapped, she is scared of strangers. Moshee was adopted, bit the adoptor and came back. If someone was willing to come and make friends with her, we would let her go.


Eli is often called Evil because of his temperament. He almost took a man's face off at a pound so he was scheduled to die. We are working with him. He now actually likes a couple of our volunteers! If you are willing to come and get to know him, we would consider adopting him. It will take a very special home for this big boy. Evil can go thru, over or under a secure fence in a heartbeat. *Big Sigh*

Starved CycloneStarved Cyclone only 3 1/2 inches wideCyclone
Cyclone too tired to stand.

Cyclone came in Sunday, January 9, 2005. He came from another facility that ran out of room and wanted him saved. I was told it was either us or the needle so I agreed to take in one more. The facility gal said to get ready for a shock when I saw him.
OMG.... They weren't kidding. They didn't know if he would make it thru the night.
Cyclone is SO starved his eyes are sunk in. He was picked up as a stray so no owner can be charged. Gosh, some idiot just forgot they had a dog in the back yard. This boy is SO sweet and loving he makes you cry thinking someone could do this to him.

Here is what is coming in....

For Cyclone's prior owners:

Just this side of Hell is a place called the Flaming Bridge. When an abused animal dies, it stops by to discuss its life with the Keepers of the Flaming Bridge before continuing on to the Rainbow Bridge. The Keepers of the Flaming Bridge compile a Master List of animal abusers, so that they will be able to recognize them and confront them with their actions when they die.
Across fields of flame roll cries of agony, mimicking the pain inflicted on the innocent animals by their heartless abusers. But the animals are not there crying out - they have gone on to Rainbow Bridge and their just rewards for the innocent lives they have led. The cries come from the dark cohorts of the Keepers - savage beasts out of the worst nightmares of the animal abusers for whom they wait. Patiently, they wait, planning for the day when the abuser arrives. Then one day, their cries grow more urgent. Their eyes burn with an eerie, unearthly glow. Savage glee lights their hideous faces, and as one they turn and run. Faster and faster they run, flying over the ruined land, drawn on by their quarry.

The abuser has arrived at last, and when the pack reaches him they fall upon him to wreak their vengeance. His flesh is flayed from his body as their reeking breath and shrieking laughter fill his agonized consciousness. But he does not die - his pain will continue, forever.

Name withheld by request.

More WONDERFUL e-mails.....
**I'm continuing to keep Cyclone in my thoughts and prayers! Payday is next week, expect another check for him....

**Please kiss and hug that loving boy when you get close to him and whisper to him that it's from Auntie Barb and that I'm sending him lots of healing love!

**Kiss the boy for me and tell him his Auntie Brandy is going to bake some of her special treats to send to him.

**I'm so glad Linda, as my first Love is Dobies. I have had 4 of them and they are so sweet---mine thought they were lap dogs. Give him hugs and kisses from me---YOU DO A FANTASTIC WORK

Starved SandyStarved Sandy

Sandy was also starved. She was brought to us from a police department. Sandy pulled thru. People who come here almost daily KNOW we will do our BEST for Cyclone also. Pets in our care all become our "kids" and don't even lay on hard floors without bedding. Of course, they also have their own washing machine!

Pet Pals Donation Page

Facts, if you have doubts donating to us. Click the above puppy who was brought to our facility with a bullet hole in her head.

Another Incoming E-mail:
Barb, from Colorado, replied after she was sent a thank-you e-mail:
"You are so welcome for the treats. And, on my way home (after a visit and meeting Cyclone) I also came to the conclusion that from now on if I have the privilege of getting one of your rescues that I will adopt from you. You are truly a saint."

Your donations ARE put to good use. We couldn't do it without your help.

PS. Sandy and Deena featured above, were adopted.

FYI (For your information): Cyclone's recovery has now resulted in direct discussions with five licensed veterinarians and Cyclone has been doctored and seen by four veterinarians. If anyone wants some vet bills, we'll give them to you! Over $1,200 in vet fees.

Cyclone is MUCH worse than we thought. He .... Oh dear, where do I start? I'll type off the doctor's report. EXACT words: "The liver appeared small. Gallbladder was dilated. There was marked mildly cellular effusion. Left kidney was not found. Right kidney was enlarged. There was a large amount of debris in the bladder. The portal vein appeared to have a clot in it. There were MULTIPLE abnormal vessels. The one vein appeared modular. Conclusions: Suspect liver cirrhosis w/2% portal hypertension & ascites w/multiple acquired shunts. Probable portal vein thrombus/neoplasia. Large R kidney-maybe 2% compensatory hypertrophy."
Translation..... Cyclone is dying very rapidly due to liver failure and kidney failure as well as his other major organs being affected and also shutting down. PER THE VET (let me know if you want his name and number): Any other person taking care of Cyclone he would recommend putting him down because he only has FIVE liver cells working and ONE kidney working which is swollen, inflamed and has infection. Vet says it will be a real miracle if Cyclone lives, BUT miracles DO happen. This is the WORSE case of organ failure he has ever seen. The vet is amazed at my white "magic" powder which seems to be helping. Vet said if I was willing to try, so was he. Cyclone was written prescriptions for three medicines and a special dog food prescription. Cyclone has gained four pounds since Friday's appointment which is about the only good news to report. The vet wants to reevaluate Cyclone in two weeks with a blood test.
WHY, not just put Cyclone down, some of you ask? Perhaps because I DO believe in miracles. You're not the one looking into his young, two year old eyes which are pleading for help. You're not the one he's following around when you get SIX feet away from him. As sick as Cyclone is, I can't walk but a few steps and he gets up to be with me. I am giving him glyconutritional dietary supplements EVERY two hours round the clock. Cyclone is not in pain. He is squeaking his toys and WANTS to live so why not give him my BEST? If he dies tonight or tomorrow, I'll KNOW I did everything I could and God wanted a special sweet boy to play with the other "kids" at rainbow bridge.

As the tears roll, PLEASE keep us in your prayers.

Linda York, President
Pet Pals, Inc.

Flowers, how sweet!

HOW SWEET when someone comes for a visit from 65 miles away to see Cyclone and then comes back a week later with flowers saying you are doing a WONDERFUL job. THANK YOU, Mrs. Richards!

February 22st Update:

I'm sorry to report Cyclone went to play at Rainbow Bridge late this afternoon. He was walking around and ate a plate full of food this morning but this afternoon something inside of him quit. Whether it was his liver, which was only working at 2%, or his one kidney that quit we don't know. He started foaming at the mouth and was in pain. Cyclone deserved not to be in pain and he was humanely euthanized at the Cheyenne Animal Care Center. I want to thank them for allowing us to try to save him in the first place. I also want to thank their vet who first saw Cyclone and the following vets who also tried to help: Dr. Combs, Dr. Shoens, Dr. Lawler, Dr. Novak. Without rescue friendly vets, many many lives would end sooner.
I also want to send a special thanks to YOU out there on the Internet. Without your donations, words of hope and prayers, Cyclone would never had known the love he received. May it comfort you to know he felt YOUR love.
Once again with tears rolling.... Off to medicate .....
Bless you all,

Linda York
Ps. Let's not forget, an irresponsible breeder made money from a sale and we all suffer. SPAY/NEUTER so the suffering and killing can stop.

Our cemetary Our cemetary

Our cemetery also has pets who once belonged to pet friends. Pets from as far away as Michigan are resting in peace here.

Rest in Peace All God's Children

Some Day May They All Know Love

View out our Window

The view out our window.

A new day is coming for all God's children to enjoy.

Here We Go Again...

**Horses Have Arrived~March 19th****

White Dove arrives Tonto arrives Running Bear arrives
Our horses arrive

After Dakota died on March 15th.....Then Cocoa Face died on March 17th....Then Baby and Elegant died March 18th....We were not sure we were going to get any horses at all.

Well, three horses arrived brought here by their owner.
*Tonto the largest and in the best shape is the brown one. He is also the oldest at eight years old..
*Running Bear the next best heath wise is mostly white.
*White Dove is in the worst shape.

Get permission before downloading. Get permission before downloading.

Get permission before downloading.

Some horses are making it into rescue like the ones above. Our horses arrived.......Let's hope it wasn't too little too late.

Pray For Those Horses That Aren't Rescued yet.


March 31st:

We had to call a veterinarian to come and help. Both small white horses, White Dove and Running Bear, were down and wouldn't get up. When the vet arrived Bear was standing up. The vet gave both of the horses shots and left medicines for us to give as needed. He said they have a 50-50 chance of making it (perhaps a little more than a 50/50 chance~I hope he meant because of our care!) He also said this was another sad starvation case which he has seen many of.

White Dove wouldn't get up
White Dove wanted to die

April 2nd:

White Dove went down again and gave up. She wanted to die. After giving a shot and fluids she still wouldn't try. We ended up using our skid loader to get her up:

White Dove gets up
White Dove gets up
White Dove gets up

April 3rd. White Dove only needed a little help this morning to get up. She ate and drank on her feet all day. We're HOPING and PRAYING the worst is over.
April 4th & 5th. White Dove is still needing help to get on her feet. - Running Bear went down this afternoon. There went more of my time. (e-mails and phone calls are stacking up~sorry) Running Bear is now standing up.
Keep the prayers coming.

April 23rd. White Dove and Running Bear continue to improve daily. They are now getting up on their own, eating and drinking like little horses should! Their heads have now returned to a more normal size. They don't look like little buffalo!
Tonto (brown stallion) was turned over to another rescue. He wanted to kick and beat up on Dove and Bear and had to be separated from day one. We miss Tonto but now we will have more room in our new shelter and can continue with the construction so more lives can be saved.


Running Bear Running Bear White Dove White Dove Running Bear

As you can see, lots of good food, vitamins and love are making these darlings look wonderful.
If you would like to purchase food, please do so. They are eating....well, like horses!

UPDATE: Running Bear and White Dove were adopted and are now living in California!

We are on OVER load here at Pet Pals, Inc. Volunteers and donations are needed.

Click the above to help us save lives.


PLEASE help us~Donate

One By One

(dedicated to all those that rescue)
Author Unknown

One by one, they file past my cage

Too old, too worn, too broken, no way
Way past his time, he can't run and play
Then they shake their heads slowly and go on their way

A little old man, arthritic and sore
It seems I am not wanted anymore
I once had a home, I once had a bed
A place that was warm, and where I was fed
Now my muzzle is grey, and my eyes slowly fail
Who wants a dog so old and so frail?
My family decided I didn't belong
I got in their way; my attitude was wrong
Whatever excuse they made in their head
Can't justify how they left me for dead
Now I sit in this cage, where day after day

The younger dogs all get adopted away
When I had almost come to the end of my rope
You saw my face, and I finally had hope
You saw through the grey and the legs bent with age
And felt that I still had life beyond this cage
You took me home, gave me food and a bed

And shared your own pillow with my poor tired head
We snuggle and play and you talk to me low
You love me so dearly, you want me to know
I may have lived most of my life with another
But you outshine them with a love so much stronger
And I promise to return all the love I can give
To you, my dear person, as long as I live
I may be with you for a week or for years
We will share many smiles, you will no doubt shed tears
And when the time comes that God deems I must leave
I know you will cry and your heart it will grieve
And when I arrive at the Bridge all brand new

My thoughts and my heart will still be with you
And I will brag to all that will hear
Of the person who made my last days
oh, so dear

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"If we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt."
(Anna Sewell)

" The world is a dangerous place,
not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing. "
- Albert Einstein

" To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."
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