Pet Pals, Inc. Dedicated to those who have died.

Mother and baby.

Baby Carnation is now the only surviving furry "kid" out of eight born from two litters. Poor puppy mill Mommies were only fed horse feed until they were confiscated. Several were too pregnant to get spayed. It's a wonder that even Carnation is alive. Her Mother is Rosie pictured here.


How could you dress me like this? Hey, she's not wearing the flowered hat! LOL

Carnation starts to cry.

I'm gonna SCREAM.....

Carnation screams!

I told you I was gonna scream!!

Okay, before you write to me, she was only yawning.

Pansy didn't have a chance.

Sadly, baby Pansy passed away in my hands. I wish EVERY body that hasn't done so, could experience the tears I've been thru then perhaps laws would be stricter on puppy millers and people would rescue more. AND instead of making excuses, more people would GET involved. It ONLY takes a few minutes to help by making a phone call or write a letter when asked.


Pansy, you fought SO hard for 23 days. Sweet dreams baby girl until we meet again.

(She was sleeping in this picture.)

Mother Rosie.

Little Rosie joined her babies in Heaven because a greedy 'shelter' let's call it what it is….a POUND was greedy and didn't want to pay extra vet bills. I was told your donations went to meet payroll…..You need to KNOW where your donations are going. At one pound your donations go to buy bullets. At another pound your donations go to support a gas chamber which was the case here.

Rosie's only fault was being in a puppy mill and having to shell out litter after litter. She was not awoken from surgery after being spayed because of a GREEDY vet and a GREEDY pound.

Your donations help save lives.

ALL area shelters are OVER capacity........MANY have died while you read this page.

BLESS Those That Rescue

Rainbow Bridge Returned To

The little dog arrived at the Rainbow Bridge, and a pack of dogs rushed
up He braced himself, expecting a fight, but this was the first pack
that wagged their tails and kissed him instead of attacking him.

None of them had been born in a puppy mill, like he had, and used as
dog-bait for fighting or left to die in a shelter because of being a
mix-breed, battle-scarred castaway They explained why they were
waiting... for their humans who loved them.

"What is love?" he asked, and God let him go back to earth and find out.

Warm, and dark, he squeezed in with the others and waited for the day
to be born. Scared, he held back as long as he could, but finally got
dragged out Hands without fur held him gently and rubbed him dry
The human hand moved the other puppy to another nipple and held
his body, so he could drink. "Ahhh, that's better, " he thought, and
drank until his jaws got tired and this," he mused... "Too bad I'll
have to grow up to be hit, left out in the cold and rain,
and used for dog-bait fighting, and die as an unclaimed
rescue dog. I remember what it's like, being a dog," he thought sadly.

That night, he crawled up to his mother and tried to nurse,
but he wept When they were full, the big brothers and sisters
got their bottoms cleaned and he finally latched on to a nipple,
but the human hands weren't there to hold him up, and there
wasn't any milk It was even hard to stay upright, and
he fell over on his back and couldn't right himself.

So he began to cry, and suddenly the human hands
were there, holding him up and putting a rubber thing
in his mouth. It didn't taste or feel like mother,
but it was warm and made the ache in his tummy go away.

He was having trouble breathing as his lungs
weren't fully developed because he had waited too
long to join the others in the womb,
He could feel the heartbeat of the human,
who had laid him on her chest and covered him
with a soft cloth, keeping him warm,
and soothing his bony body with gentle circling touches.

He kept thinking of his new friends who had been
so nice to him at the bridge and asked God
if he could go back. God said, "Yes, but not just
yet. You wanted to experience Love."

So for several hours (seemed like days, but it was
dark and he couldn't tell what time it was), the human
supplemented his feeding and let him experience
the warmth of his mother's body and tongue,
and the pile of warm soft cloths He got weaker,
and the human held him more often, leaving the
littermates to sleep in a pile while he got caressed,
kissed, and got to listen to the heartbeat which was
so very strong and loving.

Finally God came back and asked, "are you ready
to come back to the Rainbow Bridge?"

"Yes, he responded," with a little sorrow,
because the human didn't want to let him go
and was crying.

He pushed the air out of his lungs and floated
back to the Rainbow Bridge and looked back
at the human, who was still crying and holding
the limp body that he had borrowed for his trip.

"Love is beautiful, and I will wait near the Bridge
and let the human know, when she arrives,
that I loved her, too."

Author Unknown