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We have rescued a number of pets. Many are still being helped. See our Sanctuary Page.

Gone~Miss Turtle!

Transferred to another shelter. A hunting we will go....a hunting we will go.... ssshhhh, be bewwy bewwy qwiet, I'm hunting wabbit! Are you hunting for the perfect snuggle bunny of a pet? Well, here's the REAL thing! Miss Turtle is a young, sweet, spayed black dwarf wabbit. This smart girl doesn't like the cats, even though the cats would like her.....for lunch! Best for a home without cats or dogs where she will gladly be a lap cuddler. Fill out an application at and adopt your own one carrot gem! *********Thought for the Day: If Miss Turtle, the bunny, reenacts the famous race of "The Tortoise and the Hare", playing both parts herself, who would win?


We have rescued a number of horses. The above is Dancer. She was adopted and now lives in California.

Fala~NOT for adoption!

The above is of Fala a registered Arabian. Poor Fala was very lonely and her people didn't have time for her any more. Fala has done great with playmates and really gets upset when she isn't by their sides.

Abused Horses
Abused Horses
Abused Horses Abused Horses Abused Horses

Click on any baby Spirit's pictures to see our rescued horses. Spirit was adopted and her new people LOVE her! Spirit even has a big brother. They are NEVER apart.

Baby Raccoons
Raccoons adopted by Oodles the Poodle!

Baby Raccoons were helped. THANKS Missy!

Baby Foxes

Baby Foxes were helped. Thanks Merlyn & Lynn.

An orphaned baby deer.
An orphaned baby deer.
An orphaned baby deer.

Baby Deer were helped. Thanks Amy!

Prairie Dog

Remember the BEST thing you can do for wildlife is to leave them alone unless you KNOW they are in trouble.

Rescued Geese
Rescued Geese

We even rescued geese and built them a pond!

Four baby mice were placed in a home. If it has a heartbeat, it needs a Pal!

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