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NO Dogs in Trucks!

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Whole families have been killed by a dog flying thru their windshield. It is against the law in MANY states to have a loose dog in the back.

Crates or Seat Belts are also recommended inside vehicles.

Why use a Safety System for your dog?
*Avoid driver distraction by having your dog restrained in a safety system.
*Protect your dog from sudden stops, starts and mild collision events.
*Keep your dog from becoming a dangerous missile that could injure your family in adverse situations.
*A pet is propelled with force equal to 30 times its weight in a 30 mile-per-hour accident, according to crash tests conducted by IMMI.
*A 30-pound dog can be sent flying with the equivalent of 900 pounds of force behind it, enough to kill it and anything in its path. At faster speeds, the force is even higher.

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NO Dogs in Trucks!
NO Dogs in Trucks!

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