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Our Pets TRULY receive SHELTER and are NEVER killed due to mental issues. We WORK with them. Once rehabilitated, our dogs DO need loving homes so we can train and save more!

While some rescues only take in adoptable pets, we take in those with health and temperament issues on death row.

We have a number of pets currently at Pet Pals that are on medical holds. Please consider a donation to help with our growing expenses, thank you!

We cannot save lives without your donations.
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Click on Rosie's picture to see how she did with no back legs!

UPDATE: Sadly Rosie gave up her will to live and was in pain so she was humanely euthanized. Just because a dog has disabilities is NOT a reason to kill them. Rosie had no back legs for 2 ½ years. We do not know how old she was.

Meet Poor starved Bubble Gum!

Bubble Gum is our latest rescue. Gosh someone forgot they had a dog and then spit her out like gum! She was delivered to Pet Pals from our veterinarians' office where she was taken to be killed. We are working to get some weight on her and she is looking much better.

Bubble Gum is only two years old. She was first homeless in Denver, CO and then transferred to a shelter in Cheyenne, WY. After being adopted, Bubble Gum found her way to Wheatland, WY as a stray.

Bubble Gum is VERY active and acts like a puppy. She is one of the smartest dogs we have had. She appears to be housebroken, crate trained and we are working on her leash skills which she is learning with no problems. We don't suggest cats or small pets since she seems too interested in them.

Do you have a GOOD home for Bubble Gum? If so, please call or fill out an application. You MUST have a fenced in yard.



Meet Chucky!

In fact, do you want two-year old Chucky? You can have him! LOL His story is not much different than many others. Someone simply didn't care. He was finally confiscated by animal control and then left in a kennel for two months while the courts decided what to do.

Chucky was finally released from his horrid owner and came to Pet Pals. He came in on a Friday afternoon and was at our vet's office by Monday. We noticed something was not right with him. Chucky is scary skinny and having BAD panic attacks. Blood tests showed his liver count is four times higher than normal and his white count was up which means an infection. Chucky was put on antibiotics and Denamarin for his liver.
After 10 days with no improvement Chucky went back to the veterinarian. He spent the night and more tests were done. The results are that nothing is wrong, thank GOD. This means his anxiety is in his head!

So far Chucky has cost Pet Pals over $789.… ouch!

Oh yea, Chucky's panic attacks are NEVER ending. He screams non-stop if he even thinks someone is going to walk away. He does not find comfort with other dogs….. he screams for a person! The other dogs get along GREAT with him and his screaming.

Along with his screaming, he drools and slobbers horrid slime that flies when he shakes his head. His water bucket needs emptied and cleaned every couple hours. You also might want to clean yourself from the slime! Let us know when you can pick him up!! Of course, we still love him and want him to go to a wonderful home so please fill out an application……THANK YOU!!

Oh yea, and don't forget to pay the vet bill!

Oh… I forgot to add Chucky has gone through THREE nice gates, almost went through two windows and has torn up a nice wire crate injuring his face. We're telling you…. He REALLY wants to be with you at any cost!


Chucky is a purebred Boerboel…AMAZING! Research the breed. The Boerboel is the only South African dog breed created to defend the homestead. That explains why Chucky has now become VERY aggressive when visitors come here.

They are quite charming when not being lazy, and will not hesitate to defend their loved ones to the death.

They are often called "Velcro" dogs, always wanting to be with their owners, and so, are not prone to wandering off on their own. This also explains why Chucky wants to be with a person non-stop!

See Chucky on Youtube!


How could we not help Chucky? Can YOU help him with even a $10 donation?


He promises to cover his mouth to slow the slime!


He even laughs if you believe that!

UPDATE: Chucky REALLY wants to be with me….awww! Here are pictures. He is climbing up to look in a window!



The following are some updated pictures, slobber and all! Chucky now weighs over 100 pounds. He looks and feels SO much better and he liver is working GREAT!



Chucky will bust out of a crate!


Chucky will eat a door jam and a wall !!




Meet Roxy! Roxy is a Great Pyrenees who is about 7 years old. Roxy's past three owners have passed away. She was with a small dog in her last home and does GREAT with other dogs.

Roxy is not fond of cats, so NO cats! Roxy also does not like children that are at her face level. Seems to get along with other children and she loves women! She would make an AWESOME guard dog for a woman…..Well, maybe not so much. Roxy has turned into a LOVE!

New Pictures:



OH MY…. Roxy has a fly on her nose!!

Milly Milly

All the way from California!! NO, Pet Pals did not bring this dog from another state when so many are being killed locally.

One of our supporters fell in love with two five year old dogs while he was in California visiting a shelter. Nike and Milly got along great for four or five months and then decided they wanted to be an only dog and a fight ensued.

If someone has experience being a pack leader and has a larger mellow dog, they could be placed with one of their own kind, but would prefer to be an only furkid. Both Nike and Milly have a high prey drive so no kitties or small dogs. Nike and Milly would make an excellent running partner! Both are very smart and would enjoy obedience classes. Please fill out an application.

Nike Nike Nike

All the way from California!! NO, Pet Pals did not bring this dog from another state when so many are being killed locally.

One of our supporters fell in love with two five year old dogs while he was in California visiting a shelter. Nike and Milly got along great for four or five months and then decided they wanted to be an only dog and a fight ensued.

If someone has experience being a pack leader and has a larger mellow dog, they could be placed with one of their own kind, but prefer to be an only furkid. Both Nike and Milly have a high prey drive so no kitties or small dogs. Nike and Milly would make an excellent running partner! Both are very smart and would enjoy obedience classes. Please fill out an application.

Bear Two!
Bear Two!
Bear Two!

Bear was on a medical hold. He is now doing GREAT! Previously he was recovering after collapsing, being taken to a veterinarian and being put on medications.

Another homeless boy who was brought into our facility with his buddy, Jumbo. This boy's name is Bear. Since we just had to say good-bye to an old boy named Bear, we're calling this boy Bear Two! At his age (10+) and not real healthy, we don't want to upset him by changing his name.

Bear Two didn't walk, he waddled! What a shame to let a dog suffer with a bad weight problem. Bear Two weighed 111.4 pounds…..WOW! After being on a diet, he is back to running like a normal dog.

Bear Two LOVES laying in a swimming pool, as you can see. He gets along GREAT with other dogs, walks well on a leash and is crate trained. What more could anyone want?


UPDATE: ANOTHER over $400 bill…..The week of January 25, 2016 Jumbo was taken to our veterinarian for a dental and deep ear cleaning. Upon his return he became very very ill. Jumbo is doing better, but is on a medical hold.

Jumbo's name fits this boy! He is HUGE!! Jumbo weighs 170 pounds.

Once again, our hearts go out to the under dogs. Jumbo has food allergies and has to be fed grain-free food which isn't cheap. We were also told that Jumbo has chronic ear infections but after cleaning his ears and using medicated powder, we haven't had any further problems. Perhaps he wasn't fed grain-free food which was causing his ear infections. His ears have cleared up and he didn't have to be put on antibiotics.

Jumbo is a LOVE and gets along with all the other dogs. We have seen no aggression in him. It is advised that he not be put with smaller dogs. He LOVES them and wants to hump them! Jumbo is not a fence climber. Being he is so large, he needs a large inside area. At Pet Pals he loves to lie on his thick quilt and medical bed. Jumbo walks very well on a leash and doesn't mark his territory. He's just a BIG LOVE. We're guessing he is 8 or 9 years old.


Oh MY…. Malone has been at Pet Pals for five years and we have seen NO improvement with his disposition. He HATES everyone except his immediate care takers.

Malone in on a mental hold. His previous abusive owners should be in a mental ward at a prison!

Did you know some "Rescues" kill? The above boy would most likely have been killed at any facility in the entire state. This is mean 'ol Malone! This poor boy is not so nice and that's putting it mildly! We've named him Malone because he just wants left alone!

Malone was brought to Pet Pals after being picked up running along the highway as ANOTHER stray. He jumped in the man's vehicle and befriended him immediately. The man knew we were the only ones who would not kill him so he immediately brought him to Pet Pals at 5:30 in the evening..... So the story goes! Do we believe a dog that has this much aggression was handled by a stranger? Humm....NO WAY!

Anyway, Malone wanted to eat us and he was one of the worse cases of aggression we have dealt with. It took over four days before we could touch him without using a catch pole. He has slowly warmed up but as of January 2015, after four years, no one besides two immediate caregivers and one volunteer has been able to touch him.

From the looks of Malone's neck it is obvious he was chained. When we tried to get him to play ball, he cowered like he had been beaten. At only about a year old from the looks of his teeth what could this boy do so wrong to be so fearful? Ones like him just break our hearts.

Malone is a McNab and Blue Heeler. Malone doesn't seem to know any commands. Malone brings to mind the TRUE meaning of a NO-KILL shelter or Rescue which we are, thanks to our wonderful donors, THANK YOU!





UPDATE: February 3, 2016, Humphrey is now 10 years old. Since his days are numbered, Pet Pals' boards of directors do not feel it would benefit him to be moved to a new home. Humphrey is on an old age HOLD!

"Okay, I will admit it, I was baaad... Bad to the Bone. My name is Humphrey and I was picked on by my sister so I started beating her up. Well, she called me names, stole my toys and was just a B, if you know what I mean.

I was only three years old and found myself at a kill facility. Lucky for me, I ended up at Pet Pals and I am learning social skills. I have enjoyed walking with other dogs and I'm learning that the world is not out to take my toys!

If you have patience with me, I promise to be a good boy. I already do what's asked of me and will climb into a bath tub! For some reason, I have learned to trust children more than adults, but if you baby talk to me, I will love you too. I have slight skin allergies which aren't a huge problem.

With a little love, I promise to be a good family member and will protect you, but I'm just so scared of this scary world.

Hugs & Slobbers,


Humphrey broke through a gate…in fact two gates and we found him playing with a small Pug! We moved the Pug and Humphrey broke through a gate and was playing with two other large dogs. He now plays with another large dog. Hum, perhaps he does get along with other dogs.

Humphrey has now been trained a number of tricks! He has also gained much needed weight and weighs in at 150 pounds. His allergies have also gone away now that he's on decent food!


Humphrey is with six other doggie friends! He is now almost nine years old. Here are new pictures:



When a sobbing Mother calls saying her 21 year old son hung himself could we please take his dog, how could we say no? What this Mother is going through nobody should have to experience.

Delilah, we are calling Lila, is now almost eight years old. Lila is still a very scared little girl. One of her young family members thought it was a cute trick to teach her to growl so this she used to do frequently. Lila no longer growls, she just tucks her tail in fear.

Can you help her and give her the home she deserves? If so, please fill out our automatic adoption application found on our home page.


Click the above image to read about Acey's rescue. It is so amazing it deserves a web page all its own!

Acey is a LOVE. How people can shoot to end lives is beyond us.

UPDATE: Januarey 15, 2016 Acey was ADOPTED…HURRAH! After nine years Acey has an awesome home to call her own!

Freezy Freezy

Freezy was brought to Pet Pals in the winter of 2009. Freezy was brought to us along with her two puppies all as strays. Flurry and Flicker were adopted.

Freezy has an injured lower lip. It appears that someone wrapped wire or tape around her lip. She also has cuts under her neck. Freezy's back bone and ribs stick out from starvation. Freezy is now wagging her tail.

She was found on County Road F. Let's see....It was freezing at only 9' and her boobies were frozen so the name Freezy came to mind! Her pups are now named Flurry (it was snowing) and Flicker (for the glint of hope they hung onto). And the person who did this also has a name starting with F (for obvious reasons), but I better not type it here. How could someone be SO cruel? Sick, sick, SICK

UPDATE: Freezy was adopted, but was returned because she didn't get along with horses. So, no livestock, please!

Freezy is also part monkey and will need a covered kennel. She is now about 2 ½ years old. Here are new pictures of her before we started going on walks and getting more exercise!

Freezy Freezy

Gumbo IS a survivor!
Gumbo IS a survivor!
Gumbo IS a survivor!

Gumbo was another STRAY. This one was due to Katrina in New Orleans!
He has finally been adopted…..HURRAH!

Hudson Hudson Hudson

Brought to Pet Pals as another STRAY Hudson is an ACA purebred Canardly. You may click his pictures to read about the Canardly breed. Remember you read about the Canardly breed here FIRST! Other shelters may not know how to spell Canardly, but the breed is the same and we were the FIRST to recognize it as a breed!

Hudson pictured above HAS BEEN ADOPTED……HURRAH!!

The following is for uneducated people who don't have their pets spayed or neutered. Their pet's chances of developing cancer go up ten fold.



Shady Lady's Story:

"I Was Loved"

My person let me have litter after litter of puppies
I Was Loved
At nine years old, I was bred but it didn't "take"
When I didn't feel well, I was given Motrin
I became very sick Motrin kills pets
I Was Loved
At nine 1/2 years old I was abandoned
Some nice ladies took me in
I Was Loved
At a vet's office I went to sleep
A big lump was going to be removed from my mouth
I was going to be spayed
I Was Loved
My ovaries were very very large
My uterus was attached to things it wasn't supposed to
Lumps were found on my internal organs
A mass was pushing against my kidneys
Had I been spayed years ago this would not have happened
My rescuers cry
Because I Was Truly Loved

Rest in Peace Sweet Lady
April 6, 2006 tears flowing
We deal with the heartache. You can help thru donations.

Lady's Cancerous Lump

What will it take to get people to SPAY/NEUTER their pets?

Cancer and other health problems are more prevalent in unaltered pets.

Another STRAY brought to Pet Pals. What did this pup do so horrible to be shot in the head? What did ANY of them do? We have now had FOUR dogs with bullet wounds.

ADOPTED........HURRAH!!! Click her picture to view other sad abuse cases.

This is Deena. She was just brought in as a dirty starved little girl. While removing mud on Deena, I found a bullet hole. Someone shot this puppy and left her for dead. Deena is VERY shy and has yet to make a peep. Appears to be a border collie and only 8-10 weeks old.

See her NOW. Her new family says she is VERY much loved and has been just a perfect dog.

Deena Home

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