Pet Pals' Kitties are the BEST!!

Pet Pals, Inc.

Help, It's Raining Kitties!!

Spay/Neuter Saves Lives

Spayed Cats Rule!

All cats must be inside pets ONLY. They will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated AND microchipped before going to your home.

Due to lack of time and SO many pets here, most of our kitties will be shown on the Petfinder scroller.

PLEASE note:
Stray cats are considered 'predatory animals' under Wyoming Game and Fish statutes, meaning they may be legally killed for no reason, at any season, by any means. Feral and stray cats are exempt from Wyoming animal cruelty laws. We are the only state of 50 to give cats this status.

Please write: for a cat application, Thank You!

Appointments NEEDED, please!

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Kitties playing!

Our kitties having fun!!

See Where Our Kitties Live!

Maria's Purr Palace

Once our kitties are out of quarantine, spayed/neutered and vaccinated, they move to "Maria's Purr Palace"!
Thank you Maria for your generous donation which made this possible.
Our kitties not only have their own air conditioned/heated house, but an outside play yard as well.
Their new large cat condo is thanks to the generous donation of Doug and Susan Richards!

Raquel paints!

With the help of Raquel, our kitties now have beautiful colors!
Their living quarters looks like a huge aquarium! They even have a fish net with star fish on the ceiling.

Maria's Purr Palace
Maria's Purr Palace
Outside Enclosure
Susan watching our kitties!

Our kitties LOVE their "Purr Palace" and would LOVE for you to come and purr with them!

Neutered Cats Rule!

We can not save lives without your donations.

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Thank You for Helping the Homeless

Bye, Ya All Come Back!

Come back and adopt a cat!
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