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This page is dedicated to our pets that are now in hospice. Please say a prayer for them.


Angel Angel

I'm so sorry to report that we lost Angel May 17. She went down hill the night before and was suffering. The veterinarian was surprised at her weight. I had been working very hard to get weight on her and she was doing great. The veterinarian also said that it looked like the cancer had moved into her intestines.

THANK YOU everyone for your help with the expenses. I couldn't have kept Angel going as long as I did without your help. The remaining products will be used on other pets. We have a number of elderly pets here.


You may want to read about all the probiotics she was on. They really did help her.
Angel....I'm crying as I type this. At six years and three months old, Angel was diagnosed with terminal cancer Friday, March 12, 2010. The veterinarian said he didn't think she would live six months. I'm going to do my best to prove him wrong!

Angel was never a perfect Angel, but I fell in love with her just the same when she came here December, 2007. Perhaps I felt sorry for her because she was going to be KILLED for loving too much.

Angel ended up at a kill pound because she protected her yard when a small dog ran across HER yard. It upsets me to no end that people can't be responsible and put up a fence. Angel had also not been spayed and had already had a litter of puppies which added to the over pet population problem.

Angel obviously came from a puppy mill and Lord only knows what she had endured while she was at that place.

After Angel came to Pet Pals I was told by a Mastiff rescue group that she needed to die because of her guarding temperament. Like I've never had dogs with issues before!

After working with Angel, she learned to get along beautifully with other large dogs. She learned to go on walks with five other large dogs. I was planning on Angel to become one of my team members to pull a cart. Her diagnosis of cancer has just shattered my dreams.

Angel's only fault was that she fell in love with people and wanted to protect them. She still runs in front of me to protect me from anyone who comes into OUR yard! Like a number of rescue people I trust pets way more than most people. A study shows that people who have been abused as children often times turn to pets. I am no exception. Perhaps since Angel and I were both abused is why we connected so strongly. Despite our connection, I had hoped to find Angel a perfect home, but it never happened.

Angel, like many others, will end up in our pet cemetery. One thing I can honestly say is she will KNOW love like the others she will join. Angel is the reason for this web page and it is dedicated to her.

UPDATE: March 27, 2010

Angel has almost completely quit soaking her bedding every two hours and the swelling in her glands has gone down. Angel is continuing to eat very well and ate six cans of dog food yesterday. The swelling in her neck had progressed to the point that she had quit eating. She was given Prednisone which I have now backed off from and she's only getting 20 mg. per day instead of 60.

She was previously hanging her head and her tail had stopped wagging. It was obvious that she just felt miserable. Now Angel is back to her old self and happy!

Angel saying Thank You!

Angel says THANK YOU for helping her!

Below are some of the vitamins and supplements we are giving her. If there is ANY way you could help with even one of her needs, it would be greatly appreciated.

Angel needs:

* Holistic canned dog food~ $20.00 for 12 cans. She's eating four cans daily.
* Glyconutritional Dietary Supplement~ $127.76 for two month's supply
* Flax Seed Oil~ $20.00 for a month's supply
* Fish Oil~ $21.00 for a month's supply
* CoQ10~ $23.99 for two month's supply
* Vitamin C~ $9.49 for two month's supply
* Turmeric~ $7.99 for two month's supply
* Vegetable Capsules~ $5.99 for 2 month's supply
* Herbal Tea Supplement~ $27.75 for 1 month's supply
* NSI Red Clover Blossoms~ $3.49 for 2 month's supply
* Vitamin E~ $4.99 for 2 month's supply
* Colostrum~ $28.39 for two month's supply
* Pau D'Arco~ $2.99 for two month's supply
* Cottage Cheese~ $5.00 a week
* Yogurt~ $4.00 a week
* Canine Whole Body Support~ $25.00 for six month's supply
* Silicea~ $12.00 for four month's supply
* The Missing Link~ Donated, thank you!

Angel Ducky Ducky

Sadly, Ducky went to rainbow bridge Thursday, April 8th. He was 10 1/2 years old. We thought we were going to lose him Christmas Day 2009.

He has been our gentle giant. He came in quacking like a duck with terrible kennel cough from being turned in to a kill facility on April 21, 2007.

Ducky's life was not the best until he came to Pet Pals. We were told he was abandoned after being chained to a tree for several months. Thank you for making it possible for him to know LOVE. We couldn't do this without your help.

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