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Pet Pals, Inc. Founder and President, Linda York and Pet Pal members in support of chained themselves to dog houses for 12 hours, July 3rd!

Dogs Deserve Better

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Our second Chain Off was a GREAT success! This year I was never alone. Raquel, Susan and Ashley joined me. We had a BALL!

Okay, we know it isn't fun for any dog to be chained and we are NOT making light of it. After I suffering last year in the hot sun and not having many pet friendly people visit our chaining, it was a delight.

Petco allowed us to set up outside their business. There were lots of pet friendly people and our efforts brought in triple the donations…… HURRAH!

We had planned on chaining ourselves for 24 hours but as dark grew near and the collars wore our necks raw, we called 12 hours enough. We applaud those across the land who lasted 24 hours or longer. Besides the darkness, a sweet gal came to us needing our help. Her cat had slipped the door and she needed help finding it. As usual, when a pet is in need, we try to help. Pets RULE!
Unfortunately, two of our members were unable to locate the missing kitty.

Below are pictures of our 2008 Chain Off. Somehow, Linda York managed to escape the camera! Unfortunately, TV 5 was short handed and couldn't tape the educational event.

Susan & Raquel

Susan and Raquel education people.


Ashley "performing" for the camera!


Raquel getting tired of the chain!


Our faithful protector and educator! Wicket educates people on how dogs deemed aggressive and within hours of being killed can become sweet if only they had some love! AND are NOT chained up.

We would like to thank Petco for making our day a success. Also thanks to our WONDERFUL volunteers.

Of course, special thanks and hugs to Tamira Ci Thayne, founder of DogsDeserveBetter for all the excellent work she has accomplished.

100% of your donations go towards saving lives. THANK YOU for helping save lives.

Thanks again for visiting! Let us know if we can help you or your pet.

Remember~How would YOU like to live on a chain? Dogs Deserve Better!