(Do NOT acquire a wild animal as a pet. Unless you KNOW they are in danger, leave them alone. Racquel is now at a wildlife rehab facility.)

Merry Christmas!

What do ya do when a raccoon comes for Christmas?
Ya look at each other Very, VERY closely!

(Put your curser over the pictures.)

Look Into My Eyes
Look Very VERY Closely!

Then Ya Feed It!

Yummy, I like Cheetos!

Crunch, CRUNCH!

After the Feeding Comes the Games!

Hello, my name is Racquel.
Oh, I love toys!

Play, Play, Play!

Then It's Dress Up Time!!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Am I Cute or What?

I'm Playing Dress Up!

Then Kisses for a Job Well Done!

I Love You, Thank You for Saving me from the COLD Scary Outside!

Racquel the Raccoon Wishes You a Merry Christmas!

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Pet Pals & Volunteers Wish You a Merry Christmas Also.

Thank You Bev for donating a new camera to Pet Pals, Inc.