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As you can see, we are red, white and blue. You can't get any more patriotic than that!
A PURE Canardly is as American as our flag. Come learn about the breed:

Canardly: ca-nard-ly
1. Pet of unknown ancestry
2. Most often without a home.
3. Killed at alarming rates.

Who has a Canardly as a family member?

Only the best of the best have a Canardly. Anyone can buy a pet, but it takes someone very special to donate and adopt a Canardly. At a reputable shelter/rescue only one out of twenty applicants are approved.

General Appearance

The first impression of a good Canardly is that of an animal with a twinkle in its soft eyes. It may also not always be well balanced. Often times there may be scars or sometimes missing limbs. The pet will have a soulful look. The pet may come in a variety of tails, curves of various species.


Each Canardly has its very own distinct personality marked by fear or fearlessness. The pet may be nervous or outgoing. Some, through no fault of their own, may have "issues". Issues may vary according to the pet's previous family.

Size, Proportion, Substance:

Any desired height, length or weight is acceptable.

Coat~Color :

The Canardly varies in coats and colors; most coats and colors are permissible.

Identifying Characteristics :

A Canardly will always be a breed all its own. There will never be another one born exactly like it!

A "TRUE" Canardly:

Pets may be called a Canardly, but a true Canardly will be spayed or neutered which will make it the ONLY one of its kind.


The Canardly breed may or may not have health issues. Some do require round the clock care while others are very healthy.

What makes a perfect Canardly?

A perfect Canardly is any pet whose breed cannot be identified.

You "Can Hardly" tell the Breed.

Registering a Canardly

You TOO can have a registered American Canardly and will receive an official A C A (American Canardly Association) certificate.
Send a picture and proof of spaying or neutering along with $25.00 to the following:
Pet Pals, Inc.
Spay/Neuter Drive
Hawk Springs, WY 82217

All proceeds will help stop the Canardly breed and be used for spay/neutering!

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