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It is only through education that we will be able to stop the killing of innocent pets.

Many of us into the rescue of pets know that some of the largest abusers of pets are the so called "Good Christians." They attend church praying for forgiveness of the sins from the night before!

There are studies being done about the correlation between childhood abuse and pets. Surprisingly, many people into the rescue of pets have grown up in abusive homes. Whether it is from their parents constant fighting, mental and physical abuse, sexual abuse, abuse has taken place. Make all the excuses in the world: It couldn't have happened in that home or the children are just spoiled. Abuse of children takes place everywhere.

You never know what is or has taken place behind closed doors. Studies show people turn to animals for a reason.

Many of us will carry the scares for a lifetime.

Even though we have our hands very FULL with all the pets here at our TRUE shelter, we never pass on an opportunity to educate.

There was no hesitation when asked about bringing pets to a church for summer Bible students. "It is so, they are all God's children", quote by Mother Teresa. This has been our motto also.

We believe every life is worth saving and animals don't want to die. It is often said that there are things worse than death. To some degree when it comes to horrible abuse, this is true. However, to say this just because a pet is homeless we don't agree. "Things worse than death?", until you have tried it, how would you know?

We pray for those people who do not understand and for the pets we cannot save until we meet them again at Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge

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Bible Students
Bible Students
Bible Students

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