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*We NOW have small dogs/puppies available TODAY* We have several dogs not listed on here due to health or mental issues. If you tell us what type or size of dog you are looking for, we will try to help you.

Many homeless pet web sites do not immediately remove pets that have been adopted. This site is up to date, but it does not mean we aren't reviewing applications. Send in your application as soon as possible. We review applications on a first come, first serve basis.

We would like to thank everyone for choosing rescue.
No donation is too small to help save a life.

Appointments NEEDED, please!

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If you want a dog for breeding purposes we have what you're looking for. Click the above graphic. Caution: Graphic Pictures.


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A MUST SEE for people wanting to buy or breed.

We're doing the BEST we can with around 100 pets here right now, the phone which never stops ringing and e-mails coming in at 150 to 200+ daily.

Sunday, while some of you were reading scriptures "for God", some of us were doing HIS work. "It is so, they are ALL God's Children", Mother Teresa.

We don't have a fancy church to pray in, but we pray every day for the suffering and killing to stop.

We don't have a collection plate to pass to you, but we NEED donations to continue HIS work. Won't you help?

Being a small group in a rural area, donations are far and few in between. Even a dollar is appreciated. Click on the PayPal donate biscuit or mail a donation to Pet Pals, Inc., Spay/Neuter Drive, Hawk Springs, WY 82217

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100% of your donations go towards saving lives. THANK YOU for helping save lives.

Your dog can learn tricks!

Your puppy will love you!
Your dog can learn to roll over!
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WATCH & THINK before adoption!


Banana is modeling a rain coat that is available for purchase on our e-bay page, click her picture to visit our store.

Banana has been adoptedů..HURRAH!!





This is Bubbles! He has a bubbly personality and is just a love. He gets along with other dogs.

Bubbles weighs 11.8 pounds and is two years old.

Update: Bubbles is very shy with men until he gets to know them. He has a problem with any man that doesn't have a hat on! Bubbles has also decided he does NOT like children. It's quite obvious that some child has hurt him.


This is adorable Dobby! Click any of his pictures to see where he received his name. Dobby is a hairless Chihuahua. He is another DOLL and weighs only 8.1 pounds.

Dobby is content to lay on a chair and watch what you are doing, but prefers to be in your lap. Dobby can get a little bit out of sorts and will use his teeth when he doesn't want to be moved! He LOVES men!

UPDATE: Dobby seems to think Pet Pals is his home. He wants to bite strangers who enter his area by doing a sneak attack on the back of their legs!


This little boy is named Slugger! The name Slugger has many meanings. Our little Slugger is strong for staying alive out on a busy street as a stray.

Slugger gets along very well with other dogs. We're guessing his age to be three years old. He only weighs 10.4 pounds.

UPDATE: Slugger LOVES carrots! He is not good with dogs who are larger than him. He would do best if he was the only furkid. He is a one person dog and mainly loves women. Slugger thinks all children are monsters in disguise!

TNT Tim!
TNT Tim!

This is TNT Tim! We named him this because he is like TNT and will blow up (bite) until he gets to know you which takes about two hours! He's also called Tiny Tim because he only weighs 6.11 pounds! Tim wants picked up and carried around. This little boy is only about two years old.

Tim gets along with the other little dogs and readily wants to play with them.

UPDATE: Tim LOVES bologna! He warms up to anyone with special treats.

We have had MANY applications for these babies. One applicant ran over their last FIVE dogs so they want a new one. Still no fence! Another applicant gave her pets away when she moved and wants a new one! Yet another applicant wanted a Christmas toy for the children.....Amazing! Two applications were approved and then we never heard from them again!

All we want is FOREVER homes for our babies with someone to treat them with LOVE!

We have had dogs come in whose teeth were SO bad that the dogs stunk (see below). We take dentals VERY seriously and you should also.

Bacteria can invade the body through the blood stream by gaining entrance into the oral lesions. This is called bacteremia.

If the bacteria get a chance to settle and reproduce in the lining of the heart or heart valves, a serious condition may result called bacterial endocarditis. Kidney damage and joint problems are a common sequel to bacterial invasion via the unhealthy oral cavity. Read more by visiting:

Rocky's Teeth

Thank you for thinking rescue!

Donations ARE saving lives!

100% of your donations go towards saving lives.

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ATTENTION!!!!!!! **CLICK HERE for our automatic adoption application page.**** THANK YOU!

PLEASE read the following before calling.

Our pets canNOT be bought. If you think you are going to come here and offer $1,000 for one of our pets and take it home, you are WRONG! This recently happened! We are open by appointment ONLY because of all the work and visits to our veterinarian.

Our homes are carefully screened and you MUST fill out an adoption application online. Please do not fill out an application if you are gone for 9 hours a day and expect one of our puppies to be happy when left ALL alone day after day for this length of time in a bathroom or garage. If you are willing to take your new family member to day care at least for a couple days a week, proceed!

Several veterinarians are now telling their clients to beware of rescues and to only deal with Pet Pals, Inc. We don't know you personally, but thank you!

Our pets are spayed/neutered, microchipped, tattooed, vaccinated and wormed BEFORE placement. Our veterinarian is up to date on the latest procedures so we do juvenile spay/neutering. Puppies are ready for adoption at 8 to 10 weeks. Your patience is appreciated!

We DO fly pets out of our area. You will need to pay for shipping but we will gladly deliver your new family member to Denver International Airport for a nonstop flight! Shipping is running from $100 to $250.00. You need to call the airlines and find out the fees.

It is ONLY because of adoptions and donations that we are able to save more lives. THANK YOU!

A reminder: We have had applications submitted two hours apart. You better not e-mail asking questions or you will lose to the first application submitted! No, tiny puppies are not housebroken.... They are puppies!

To Write to us: CLICK HERE~~Pet Pals, Inc. E-mail