Pet Pals, Inc.
Adoption Application

Thank you for wanting to help save a life! Please fill out this application as completely as possible; this will help us determine if this is the right pet for your home. Some of these questions may pertain more to dogs than cats.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check your E-mail address before submitting this form. We are receiving many addresses that are typed wrong.

Due to the large number of applications filled out by children or people who aren't serious about getting a pet, valuable time is being taken away from the pets in our care.

To alleviate this problem, there will be a $10.00 application processing fee due to Pet Pals, Inc.

If the pet you are applying for is no longer available due to a previous application in process, the pet won't work in your home, the pet has developed health issues or other reasons beyond your control, your processing fee will be refunded.

If the application is withdrawn, your references do not check out, there are small children in the home when the pet's description specifically states no children or other reasons beyond our control, your processing fee will NOT be refunded.

Press submit at the bottom of this application when you are finished or you may print it and send along with $10.00 to:

Pet Pals, Inc.
Spay/Neuter Drive
Hawk Springs, WY 82217

If you are submitting your application electronically, use our Pay Pal button located on our web pages.

Please note that filling out this questionnaire is not a reservation or guarantee of a pet. Neither is making a donation but it won't hurt!

Our requested donation amount for a pet may be high depending on vet fees, age and breed. If you are applying for a specific breed of pet, call your local pet shop and see what they are selling them for. Our requested amount will be equivalent, but remember our pets will be healthy, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, wormed AND microchipped.

You may also return the pet within 30 days for a full refund which you cannot do at most pet shops or shelters. We do not encourage returns due to the stress on the pet. However, if the pet doesn't work out in your home, it MUST be returned to us.

PLEASE think about this BEFORE filling out an application OR calling.
AGAIN---THINK about your lifetime commitment before you submit this application.

We do NOT adopt out 4-H projects. We have several here who were dumped when the "projects" were over.

What will you do with this pet when your child leaves for college?

YES, dogs will dig.....they're dogs! YES, cats will meow….they're cats! They WILL need a life time commitment from an adult. This includes expenses like vet care.

Many times pets become depressed when their family/environment changes. You will need to spend time reassuring your new family member and give them time to adjust. We have known some pets to take 2-3 weeks to adjust.

Full Name:
Street Address:
State: Zip: 
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Email:         

How did you hear about Pet Pals? Other Pet Owner  Advertisement  Web  Other

Please specify the name of the pet you wish to adopt:

Have you researched this breed?Yes  No  

Why do you want to own a rescued pet? Watchdog, Companion, Barn, Breeding, Hunting, Family pet, Guard dog for business, Child's pet, Companion for other pet, Other (specify) 

What is your marital status?

If living with someone, what is their name?

What is your age?

Do you consider yourself/family to be active in such a way that it would include your Pet? How?

Watch The Dog Whisperer? Yes No    

Have you ever owned a pet? Yes No    

Do you have other pets now? Yes No     If Yes, please complete the following section:

What breed(s),sex(es) and names(s)?

Dog applicants: How do your dogs get along with other dogs? Excellent  Good  Fair  Poor

Is/are your pet(s) neutered or spayed? Yes No     Have you ever bred a litter?Yes No

Ever train in obedience? Yes No    

Willing to train in obedience? Yes No 

How often are they fed?       Canned, dry or both? Canned Dry Both
Do you own cats? Yes No     How many?       Are they used to dogs? Yes No

Do they live indoors or out? Indoors Outdoors

Name, address, and phone of your veterinarian:

May we contact your veterinarian?Yes  No  

Please state what happened to ALL previous pets: 

Who is your local Animal Control Officer? (YOU make the call and find out) Name AND Phone Number: 

Name, phone, and email of additional reference:

What is the approximate size of your yard?

Is your yard completely fenced? Yes No     Fence height (ft):

Fence type

Is fence completely enclosed on all sides and also attached to the house? Yes No     

What kind of shade or cover is in the enclosure?

What kind of accommodations do you have for the dog in the cold?

Is anyone home during the day? Yes No     Hours the dog would be alone

Where will the dog stay during the day when alone?

Where will the dog sleep at night?

Do you have a dog door into the house or garage? Yes No

Describe neighbors the dog will be involved with (Do they like dogs? Children (ages), dogs or cats?)

Any problems with neighbors currently? Yes No     

Do you own your home? Yes No

If not, please send a letter of permission from your landlord stating you are allowed pets.  
Give landlord's name, address and phone number.

What do you do with your pets when you go on vacation?

Do you own and have you used a dog crate? Yes  No

How old are any children who will be in contact with the dog? 

Does anyone in your family have allergies to dogs or cats, or asthma? Yes No   

If yes, how severe?

Do all parties (if more than one adult in house) want a pet? Yes  No

Are you willing to give the new pet at least a one month trial to ensure proper adjustment? 
Yes  No

What would, in your opinion, constitute a reason for not keeping the pet?

In case of an emergency who will care for your pet if you're unable?

Any other questions about the breed we can answer?

Have you ever applied for a pet from us or another rescue before? Yes No   

If yes, explain:

Would you consider a second pet at a future date?
Yes  No


* IF for ANY reason, the adoption does not work, the pet is to be returned to Pet Pals, Inc. 307-532-3861, at ANY age. There will be a $1,500 recovery fee PLUS court costs due from you, if the pet is not returned to Pet Pals, Inc. and you re-home the pet or turn it into another facility.
* IF the pet is found to be neglected in ANY way, your signature gives Pet Pals, Inc. of Goshen County FULL power to reclaim the pet.
**This includes not having ALL of your pets spayed or neutered.
**It is neglect if your pets are not kept current on vaccinations.
**Your pet(s) are to be kept under control. No, letting them run "free".
**Letting your pet ride unsecured in ANY vehicle is dangerous. Please bring a crate or dog seat belt with you if your application is approved.
*Not keeping ID on your pet at all times.
* IF you are adopting a pet which we could not alter for health reasons, you will have it spayed or neutered within six months or pay all costs incurred in having it returned to us.
* We want to be as certain as possible that the animals that we adopt out find RESPONSIBLE and LOVING homes.
* We reserve the right to refuse an animal to anyone.
*The Microchip registration remains in Pet Pals, Inc.'s name.
* We will not be held liable for any injuries or damages caused by this pet.
* We cannot guarantee the health of an animal and are not liable for further veterinary costs. Check with your veterinarian as to vaccinations and tests required in your area.

If a pet is placed with me/us, I/we agree to cooperate with Pet Pals, Inc. in its attempt to provide a smooth adoption. I also agree to contact Pet Pals, Inc. about problems that might arise in the future. Should the pet need to be placed, or euthanized (prior to normal old age), I will contact Pet Pals, Inc. first to determine whether the pet might be a candidate for placement elsewhere.

I agree to these terms

Every reasonable effort is made to screen each pet for health and temperament problems before making the pet available for adoption through Pet Pals, Inc. However, Pet Pals, Inc., its officers, board of directors, and agents cannot guarantee the health or temperament of the pet available for adoption other than what is known at the time of adoption. Pet Pals, Inc. assumes no liability for any problems arising from an adopted pet in the future.

I agree to these terms

For each pet adopted we request a donation to help us cover the expenses of operating a shelter. We receive NO State or Federal funding. The donation amount varies. Our fully vetted pets are cheaper than getting one for "FREE" or from purchasing one at a pet store.

I agree to these terms

Please write to: to verify your application was received. Computers have minds of their own!

If your application is approved, we will only hold the pet you are requesting for five days without a deposit.

When you hit submit you will automatically return to our home page.

DO NOT FORGET, as stated above: Due to the large number of applications filled out by children or people who aren't serious about getting a pet, valuable time is being taken away from the pets in our care.

To alleviate this problem, there will be a $10.00 application processing fee due to Pet Pals, Inc. before your application will be processed, THANK YOU!


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Vet called, date________, person spoken to:________________________
Home Check done by:__________________, date:_________
If waived, give reason:______________