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Who SHOT Acey?

Acey was taken to our vet to be spayed, work done on her bleeding tail, vaccinated and microchipped. It was discovered Acey had bullets in her head.

We thought the lumps were from hitting or kicking. We removed two bullets. More surgery may be needed because the bullets are lead.

X-rays show two or more bullets remaining. A remaining bullet is close to her eye socket and another one close to her carotid artery. There appears to be bullet or bone fragments scattered here and there. They are 22 caliber lead bullets.

Acey is still homeless almost a year later, but she is VERY glad to be alive!

The above picture shows the second bullet being removed.

I'm sitting here with tears rolling.... PLEASE say some prayers.


Tears of Fear

Today (March 21st, 2007) was like most others, feeding, scooping do do, medicating and grooming pets. A volunteer Angel came to do laundry, clean crates and scrub floors.

LOTS of laundry!

In the afternoon, shortly after grooming and bathing a newly rescued dog, the phone rang once again.

The phone never stops!

I couldn't hear what the man said at first and then heard him ask if we were missing a pit bull. I told him I didn't think so and stepped to a window to look out. I spotted our pit bull bathing in the sun. I told him no, not missing a pit bull here and besides our dogs are double fenced.

The man said there was a pit bull running down the highway (US 85) at the end of our county road and that she was probably dumped. Could I come and get her?

I yelled at my husband, Larry, explaining my phone conversation as I quickly secured a few loose dogs in the house, grabbed the catch pole and some treats. We raced to the highway as Larry was saying it was probably the man's dog and he was in the process of dumping it.

At the highway, we were met by a highway patrolman. He was the one who had called on the phone. His first name wasn't Tripper, it was Trooper! He said if anyone could help the dog it was us.


The tears of fear started. We chased this poor pit bull one direction and then the next. It was evident she had puppies within the last eight to ten weeks but her milk was dried up. She seemed confused and kept circling within a 1/2 mile radius crossing the busy highway. Another highway patrolman came to help. With the flashing lights from two patrol cars and our four-way flashers, you would THINK people would slow down.....NOT!

Police car! Police car!

Semi trucks, pickup trucks, cars and vans swerved with tires screeching only missing her by inches as she ran down the middle of the highway.

We would only get 15 to 20 feet from her before she would bolt again. It seemed she was terrified of people on foot. There was no way to use the catch pole or lure her inside our van. A man with two dogs inside the cab of his pickup truck (amazing!) even took one of his dogs out to lure her in closer and off she would run again. It was like trying to catch a wild antelope!

Scared dog runs away!

I decided to run home and get some ace to tranquilize her. By then she had run a good 1/2 mile down a fence row far off the highway. It looked like we wouldn't get the chance to give her any tranquilizer because she was so far away with a number of fences between us. The two highway patrolmen said we all did the best we could to help her and they left. They were both VERY VERY sweet and caring.

Larry and I sat watching her and sure enough she came running back again to where she had been dumped which was at our large Pet Pals sign.

Pet Pals sign!

I tossed some sausage out my window and she scarfed it down. Next came more sausage laced with tranquilizer. I guessed at her weight and gave her an extra dose. Then with us sitting almost in tears, she was on the run again. Tires were screeching and horns were blaring from semi trucks as they narrowly missed her. Only this time she was wobbly on her feet and the blaring horns didn't seem to bother her in the least. My thoughts were, MY God, I've killed her or killed people if they swerve to miss her and hit someone else head on.

When she headed across a pasture away from the highway, we tearfully gave up. By then it was 5:30 P.M. and time for us to do our chores so we headed home.

While doing chores, I made phone calls trying to locate a tranquilizer gun to no avail. Larry was so disgusted with me because he thought I was going to get us both killed out on the highway, he headed to the bar! He was also hoping someone might have information about the dog. Larry was told by one guy that it could be caught easily with a gun. Larry told the guy that it showed his intelligence. Way to go Larry!! (We deal with people like this daily~shoot first.)


That was my chance, I headed back to find the poor dumped girl to see if she was still alive.

Looking for doggie!

While walking around some trees, a car stopped to tell me the dog was on the highway about 1/2 mile south of where I was looking. With my voice crackling, I asked if she was alive or had she been hit by a car. The man said she was alive and running down the highway so off I went again......

Running to look for doggie!

This time I fed her Bologna and then added more tranquilizer. I didn't know what was going to kill her first, all the tranquilizer or a vehicle. I managed to feed her some canned cat food and tender moist treats and felt she was beginning to trust me. Another vehicle stopped to help and we managed to corner her in some old lumber. When the man tried to use my catch pole she wobbled towards me and I slipped a leash on her....WHEW !!

Woo Hoo!

After over five hours, she is now safely inside in a kennel on a warm comforter. She is VERY skinny and........ VERY VERY sleepy! :-)

Drugged Doggie!

With tears of JOY your donations make it possible to save another life, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. An appointment is already set to have her spayed, vaccinated and microchipped! I set up vet appointments in advance because there always seems to be another one coming in!

Rescued dog!
Acey kisses!
I'm a face washer!
THANK YOU for helping her live. Come and visit for a FREE face washing!
Acey! Acey!
Another pictures? Oh please!
Oh please, another picture!

No, she is not being called Run Away Sue!

We are calling her Acey (like Lacey) because without the Ace tranquilizer, she would be dead.
Acey is VERY sweet. She is wagging her tail SO much the end is bleeding from banging it!

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100% of your donations go towards saving lives. THANK YOU for helping save lives.

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