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Located in Wyoming about 65 miles North of Cheyenne, our state capitol, we are the only licensed nonprofit animal facility in our county which covers 2,225 square miles.

Our mailing address is:
Pet Pals, Inc., Spay/Neuter Drive, Hawk Springs, WY 82217

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No-Birth is the first step to No-Kill

**Spay/Neuter Clinics Ongoing**
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Call 307-532-3861 to be scheduled.
Can we do you a spayvour?
Our P.A.L. (Prevent a Litter) program will help you spay/neuter your pet if you are low income. Just ask.
100% recovery rate at our clinics! Around 2,500 pets have been worked on!


Pom with hernia

Your HELP is needed now more than ever. We have now rescued 133 Pomeranians in the last few months. We have had as many as 83 dogs here at one time.

Goldie pictured above had surgery and is doing GREAT. We would like to thank Laramie Peak Vet Clinic for the excellent care and discounted vet fees they have provided.

Every month more pets are being taken to be spayed or neutered. Taking in 151 dogs and cats in just the last FIVE months have depleted our funds. Our vet fees in the last few weeks are now well over $7,600. This does not include paper towels, garbage bags, laundry soap and Clorox, etc., which is running into the hundreds of dollars.

Abuse is not slowing down.

Kicked outside in the snow, poor Snow White

JUST IN January 9, 2009


My name is Snow White! I was tossed out in the snow like an old Christmas tree. Can you believe it?

I did nothing wrong. I didn't potty in the house. I didn't bite anyone. The only thing I did was have my womanly thing. I'm very young to have my womanly thing, but mature for my age. I'm only about six months old and weigh 15.2 pounds.

After being tossed out in the cold, a nice lady took me in but couldn't keep me. She called Pet Pals crying. The nice lady at Pet Pals can't say no to someone crying so here I am! he~he~he~

I'm told I won't be having seven dwarfs! I'm VERY smart and can already do a trick like jumping up into your arms while you are standing! Do you have an a nice warm home for me? I didn't like being tossed outside in the cold.

My life is saved because of your donations,


Snow White'

Kicked out on a county road.

JUST in Jan. 26, 2009

This is RIDICULOUS. Another poor sole dumped on a county road along with her two puppies. Most likely there were more puppies but they were probably killed. A mail carrier happened to find these three and called for our help. There were no houses for a good half a mile.

Now named Freezy, this poor girl has an injured lower lip. It appears that someone wrapped wire or tape around her lip. She also has cuts under her neck. Freezy's back bone and ribs stick out from starvation. Freezy is now finally wagging her tail.

She was found on County Road F. Let's see....It was freezing at only 9' and her boobies were frozen so the name Freezy came to mind! Her pups are now named Flurry (it was snowing) and Flicker (for the glint of hope they hung onto). And the person who did this also has a name starting with F (for obvious reasons), but I better not type it here. How could someone be SO cruel? Sick, sick, SICK

Your donations ARE saving lives.
PLEASE help us save lives.
We ARE a no-kill shelter with no government funding and we receive no wages.

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 Another dog with bullets this year.

Click the above graphic to see our previous heartache. ANOTHER dog shot.

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American Red Cross Hero Award

Click the above graphic to read about my
nomination and selection as, "The High Plains Branch of the Wyoming Chapter
of the American Red Cross Animal Rescue Hero Award."

It was a very busy summer on top of
all the homeless "kids" coming to our facility.
Read about our most recent events by clicking above.

SEE Pet Pals own Katrina dog on our dog site.

Stores/Businesses Who Support Us Regularly Please Support Them:

Cool Customs, Torrington, WY
Don Schmidt Carpet, Scottsbluff, NE
Four Paws Pet Resort, Gering, NE
Sam's Club, Cheyenne, WY
TD Real Estate, Cheyenne, WY
BBCI Cable Radio, Torrington, WY
Buck's Pizza, Torrington, WY
Pamida, Torrington, WY
Oster Pet Grooming
Petco "Where the Pets Go!"

MANY People Try to Help us. Visit their sites below. Our pets THANK YOU!

Nobody's Pets

Book-NoBody's Pets by Debra White

Castration Cafe

Castration Cafe~Meowsville

Beagle Brothers Delights

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Premier Pet Company

Premier Pet Company

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Campbell Pet Company

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GREAT place to buy magnets and banners!

Kia of Cheyenne

GREAT place to buy a vehicle! Click logo to enter.


Schmitty! Great dog supplies.Click Schmitty to enter.


Support our shelter! Buy Frontline Plus and pet medications today! Pet Pals, Inc. now has the opportunity to earn money through PetMeds as a Petmeds partner. If you place an order with PetMeds and use our referral code, we in turn will receive a donation from PetMeds. So partner with us and when you order from PetMeds, use our referral code, which is "petpals." Thank you in advance for your participation!

Forget Me Nots!

Pet Pals, Inc. receives regular donations from this wonderful company. They have now offered a special deal to help our cause. For every $25 donated to Pet Pals, you will receive a $15 hair comb, if requested! Check out the neat hair products at: Forget Me Nots!

Dressed for John Paul Pet! Thank you John Paul Pet for donating to us!
Click the above image to visit their site.
All of the products have been carefully formulated to have the correct pH level for dogs and cats. John Paul Pet products are "Tested on Humans First!"

John Paul Mitchell Systems are working to make Paul Mitchell the first hair care company to publicly oppose animal testing. Visit: Oppose Animal Testing
Our rescued "kids" above posed as a tribute! They were all on death's door at a kill facility. Two because of severe aggression towards people and other pets. (We won't tell you which two!)
Thank you Jannis for setting up this donation. We love your comment: "Wow. And now you can say your "kids" are coiffed by Paul Mitchell. :) "

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